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Compressor nebulizers are used to efficiently deliver medication in the form of a mist to the lungs.

This device delivers compressed air to aerosolized drugs based on the Venturi principle. Compressed air is driven through a converging nozzle where it is accelerated to a high velocity stream, creating a vacuum (Venturi effect). The vacuum sucks the liquid from the nebulizer cup through a cylindrical channel and delivers it into the emerging airstream formed by the nozzle, thereby mixing it with an impact on a rigid surface. This process uses energy from the airstream to convert liquid into small droplets called aerosol. When reaching the user, aerosol is suitably refined to enter the lungs effectively.

According to medical research, when the size of the atomized particle of a drug is within 1~5μm, the drug can best reach the peripheral bronchioles and lung periphery. Besides, the absorption rate in the gastric, nasal and pharyngeal areas is lower than that in peripheral bronchioles and lung.

This method of delivery is beneficial in the treatment of asthma and other respiratory ailments. With proper use and care your new nebulizer will provide you with years of safe and effective breathing therapy treatments.

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